Snake catching some rays.

in #nature3 years ago

This little critter and I had a run in when I was going to check the tomato plants earlier today. I guess it wasn't very happy to see me, but after a couple quick pictures he/she went on their way to catch some sun and keep the bugs and mice down.


A little closer up here.



Nice shots man , thanks for sharing with us .I'm new to this community and i will Follow you and hope to see more quality shots from you in the near future.

Thanks man! Following you as well.

I like garder snakes, they're pretty cool, except when they try to eat one of my toads...

Lol, I can see where that would be irritating! I used to have boas when I was in highschool. So little guys like this ate always a pleasure for me to see. Really, I just love seeing all the aspects of nature I have the opportunity to.

Ugh. Lol, snakes are fascinating creatures, but I'm still squeamish even at the sight of them. Last time I really got up close and personal with one, I'm pretty sure I jumped a few feet in the air ;)

But Mel, it's just a little guy ;) I kid, I kid. I guess I've never really minded them, but then again I'm terrified of green grasshoppers so who am I to judge hahahaha.

Beautiful garter snake.

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