Shot by trail camera P16

in #nature4 years ago

This time we have look at material shot by Burrel trail camera between 27.8.2018 - 21.9.2018 at Southwest Finland.

The story for this one is bit different from many others. Had no intention or plan put camera here. To be honest the place have not looked like so good place for that. Put when I was looking for new good places to get mushrooms (some harvesting destroyed couple of good ones for few years at least) I saw some fresh bear tracks.

There are only few of them living in this part of country and have not been able to get one on any kind of camera. So could not resist the opportunity to get one now. But it did not happen this time. And did not see any more tracks after that, so it might just have passed by.

Even did not got bear this time there was something else on camera instead.
And perhaps will get that bear some other time.

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