Lynx at yard on summer cottage

in #nature3 years ago (edited)

After I found those wolves I did made couple of attempts on finding lynx / bobcat.
Earlier I believed wolves would be much easier to find.

Anyway I made a video on that earlier.

And here is another one

hyyvä 2.jpg

Well the funny part of the story is, that after I found it there was no more any effort or attempt to find another lynx.

But then during this summer one decided to come and visit on yard of summer cottage during night time.



And here is a video out of that visit...


At first it looks like it was going to drink out of the lake, but when you look closer it then looks like it's sniffing out something. On that shore the is mallards, swans, seagulls and other birds during day, and on other nights there have been foxes, raccoon dogs and deers on that same spot. So one can only guess witch one is most interesting...

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