Life at summer cottage - when people are gone

in #nature3 years ago

This time we can look at what kind of life there is at summer cottage when people are gone.

I left few times during summer trail camera on the yard of cottage when we left. At first the idea was to see how long those mallards come even there is no one there.

Then it changed to what kind of animals and birds visit there when there is no humans there.
There has been different kind of birds, even swans when we have been there and also deers and raccoon dogs during evenings and nights. And moose right next to cottage. Few times those have woken us up during night or early morning when they have made some sounds or knocking my fishing rods down like some deers did etc.

So there was expectations on quite many different animal or birds, but still the amount was a surprise. And some like lynx was an unexpected visitor.

Here is couple of pictures also

Kansi 1.jpg

Kansi 4.jpg

Kansi 3.jpg


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