Autumn in Finland 🍂

in #nature4 years ago

Happy autumny Friday, my friends!

Inspired by @proanima and her post autumn in austria, I also want to share with you a few photos I've taken during this autumn. Winter is just around the corner here in Finland, so it's nice to take a good look on what a beautiful season we've had. I hope you'll enjoy these shots!







Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

-Jasmin ❤


I love this. The golds are so comforting and frikken gorgeous! We don’t quite get all of those colors in Los Angeles so I really appreciate the beauty you’re posting. Sitting by that lake and watching the leaves blow in the wind sound like a perfect autumn day to me.

Everyone loves the colors of autumn, right? It's so beautiful outside! Even if you don't have all these colors in Los Angeles, you have different beauty, something I can never see in Finland! There's a lot to appreciate in both places. :)

So gorgeous! Sure, everywhere has their charms and beauty. LA has a lot of beauty everywhere but those pictures of all the autumn colors in Finland give me such a feeling of comfort and nostalgia that I think it’s winning for the fall beauty contest. Haha

Hi @jasmink) Beautiful photos :) I also recently went to the park in Moscow, autumn is a beautiful time of the year)

Thanks, @dponbl4! Autumn surely is a beautiful time of the year, it's a shame it doesn't last that long, at least in here!

I agree, it is a pity that it rains very quickly and cold!

Scenery on the pics bring me to mind lake Ruokolanjärvi in Uusikaupunki :)

I've never been there, but these pics are from Kuopio :)

Lovely reflections on the glass like surface of the water. Great pics @jasmink

It was such a beautiful day, it would've been a shame not to capture it.
Thank you! :)

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Such a glorious time of the earth!

Thanks! I couldn't agree more with you, when you see all this beauty around you, you just have to take a moment to breathe, look around and appreciate it. :)

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