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howdy sir willymac! wow I would have thought that you had gotten there in plenty of time to get the bread! haha. that's a little nuts. but that's human behavior! hope the results of the storm aren't serious for you all.


We were fully prepped up already. They had peaches on sale and we went for those and got enough for a winter's supply of peach cobbler. I peeled them and @swan-nguyen made a cobbler and prepared the rest for freezing.

howdy sir willymac! peach cobbler...oh my... that's wonderful. I wouldn't mind getting trapped in the house as long as I had a bunch of that stuff.
I didn't realize that the Mrs. was on steemit or I had forgotten, that's cool when a couple can share about it and there is so much to share!

We have enough cobbler makin's to make it through the winter. [sighs with satisfaction]

Yep, the S.O. dabbles but struggles with written English. She speaks it perfectly but enjoys writing about as much as getting a root canal. She stays in the kitchen more than on the computer because she loves to cook. Believe me, I don't mind at all!

hahaha! oh willymac it sounds like a heavenly deal you got there! wonderful, I'm happy for you. I suppose it's raining there now isn't it?

Yep, it drizzled all day but that gave me time to write and catch up on crypto and financial news.

The weather was strangely calm to have the hurricane/tropical storm so close. Only a few breezy periods and a couple of dead pines fallen over. No real problems here. I really feel for the folks in Eastern NC. They have a real mess with all the water.

Yep, no complaints at all about the food OR the chef!

hahaha! no sir willymac I can see why! well sir...that is a shame about all the flooding that's going on over there, dang.

Are you getting enough rain? I've been reading about the increasing drought conditions in the southwest.

sir willymac! no sir we are still quite short in rainfall but it will probably make up for it this winter I hope.