Get some palm trees and sunshine

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Aloha Steemians!

I went for an early walk a few days ago and couldn’t help myself. After a few days of continuous rain and strong winds, this is rather a perfect morning.

As the usual morning is welcoming with sunshine and bright warm heat, it’s normal to turn on the fan and air conditioner anticipating the afternoon warm heat. That’s been the usual except recently. It has been cooler than usual with strong wind and cold nights! Regardless, it’s still very warm compared to our neighbors and still extremely beautiful!!

You don’t believe me?!! I’m sorry for all of you that are buried in extremely unusual cold weather. Please stay safe. Here’s a morning photo...,



It’s 100% unedited. please stay warm folks.



Hello islandliving!

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thank u very much for your kind words

Great post. Once thing I've learned in life is "Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs."

jehovah needs to get u pass 12