Crater of Batagaica, Siberia, geological anomalie !

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In the 1960s, the Russians cut off the forests of eastern Siberia, and among many strange phenomena, the crater of Bataghaq came to light.
There is a ground crack of 1 m long and 100 depths extending from the sides to the inside of the ground. It is a structure that geologists call temokarstic depression formed by the permafrost meltdown (geo-soil frozen below 0 degrees C for more than two years), which is increased by 10m a year thanks to global warming. There are similar formations in other arctic and subarchical regions, but this is threefold deeper.

The locals call it the gate of hell, but for scientists it is a window to the past. Exposed sediment layers show climate change in this region for more than 200,000 years.
For the rest of the trees, flowers and animals it has been known that once there has been a very dense garden.
According to Julian Murton, professor of permafrost science at the University of Sussex, England's rapid deforestation started in the 1960s has made the terrain unprotected by sunlight that eels the earth and accelerates the process.
With the progress of the permafrost destruction we will probably see new landscapes, more craters and lakes, "Murton says.

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