Sunday walk.

in #nature3 years ago

A view point, close to where I live.

It was a cold wind today with temperature -10 degree C. It was a nice and fresh half an hour walk to the viewpoint above my house.






A winter Sunday in the north.
With love from



Hi Heidi,
Thank you for these beautiful winter pictures, I love winter landscape and especially in North due to low sun and still much snow everything reminds me my childhood when we used to have so much snow too. Nowadays it is a bit rare. I remember you name from one of the @karja's post, since then I know that he is your hubby.
Looking through your winter photographs the one I find so interesting the night picture done 2 month ago, night with a yellow house and snow covered trees. I like it so much so that wanted to do a pastel painting in near future using your photo, of course I mention that the photo done by yourself, if you do not mind about it. Cheers, @Stef1

thanks for the nice comment. Of course you can paint the picture of our house, it's just nice. so good that you liked that picture. Thank you for visiting my blog.😀

Great photography.

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