The return of the birds.

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By the sea4.jpg

The last weeks I have observed some more signs of spring in the north. Near my home is a little islet. In the darkest winter there is no birds on the islet, but now, from the end of Mars the birds have begin to return from the ocean and inward the fjords. In the spring and summer there are lots of different birds that nest on the islet. This day I observed seagulls, cormorants and oystercatchers. This are sure signs that spring is in out there somehwere.
By the sea.jpg

By the sea13.jpg

By the sea3.jpg

By the sea12.jpg

Even on a grey day with snow in the air, promises of lighter an warmer season is ahead of us.

By the sea14.jpg

A couple of oystercatchers.

By the sea8.jpg

By the sea5.jpg

By the sea11.jpg

By the sea7.jpg

By the sea6.jpg

By the sea2.jpg

By the sea10.jpg

By the sea9.jpg

Wish you all a great day.

Best regards


The first photo reminds me of a film!

The birds are coming back to us, too.

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