Snowy April.

in #nature2 years ago


Mixed weather today, cloudy, a little touch of sun and a little snow. In other words 4. April and full winter in northern Norway. Not worse than we had a great trip on ski. Today the destination was a mountain area I never had been before. So extra fun.

On the road I start thinking about the memory card to my camera. I had checked the battery before we left home but not the card slot. Aaannnd YES. I did it again, bloody idiot. It happened two times now the last year, one to go and it will never happen again. I hope...


Anyway I tested the RAW-format on the phone and was quite satisfied with the result. After some editing in Lightroom I was more pleased with the picutres than jpeg straight from the phone, which are "edited" by the software in the phone.

Even i forgot the memory card I got a little more experience with the capability of the camera on the mobiltelephone. When the light is good the pictures from a phone can be good.


Have a nice evening and stay safe.

Best regards


Serene photos! Wanna be there too!

I've had it too. I left the memory card in my laptop and noticed in the woods that the camera doesn't work without the card. :)

The quality of mobile phones nowadays really good sometimes even better than some cameras. You have spectacular views and I hope oyu have had a good fresh air :)

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