On bike in Swedish mountains.

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August is the season for cloudberries, and in northern Sweden ar large mountain ranges whit great potensial to find berries.

When my wife was a kid (middle of the eightees) they used to walk to an sami village near Kiruna. The village is around 10 km from the road. She told they on one trip with here family picked around 50 kg cloudberries. She had never been there since. We had talked about it many times, but never did the trip.


With our new electric bikes we decided to see if it was possible to cycle to the village and the area they picked cloudberries. In august 2019 we took the trip.



We followed the trail as in resent years also is used with ATWs.


Old buldings in the area around the sami village. It looks like some of them are still in use.







An old sledge. Today snowmobiles and ATWs is used.


It was an dry summer this year, the hope to pick cloudberries disappeared quickly, we didn't see a single berry during the 20 km trip. At least we got less to carry home.


These cabins are located next to a nice quiet river, and an excellent place for lunch and a brake before we cycled home again.



Although we did not experience picking as much berries as we did in childhood, we had a great bike ride.


So fun that you got to go back to the place your wife went to as a child and see what it is like now. I am happy to now know what a cloudberry is! I had never heard of or seen one before. I guess that makes sense as I have never lived that high north. Beautiful area.

Yes we have always heard about the great places in sweden from our parents. Now luck this time. 😊I think clouberris is most common in the north. I don't know how far south they grow. They exist in southern Norway.

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Great photos @harkar!
I'm surprised everything is not white :)

Wow! Electric bikes! That’s a nice place for picnic by the lake!

Yes it was😊

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I love photos of old things, the barn etc. I mean. Very cool. The close up one of the ladder leaning on the door is my favourite. :)

Thank you. It is interesting to came over and see things from the past

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Yes, I always find myself wondering who used it or lived there and what happened to them.

very chic views in the photos.

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