On a cloudy day.

in #nature2 years ago


It seems like spring is arriving in the north. We have 5 degrees celsius in the lowland. Of course my daughter had to take a bath again, and I had go go with them again to be sure everything went well. I also got the dog aired and took some pictures so all in all it was a nice trip.


Low clouds, rain and snow has been the standard most of the time this year. I looking forward to a little better weather.



Fjæra 1.jpg

Here we go ❄️




Have a great day.



MY GOD!!! Your daughter is soo brave and strong! My hat off ❤💛

Thank you very much. Toowoomba early for a bath to my taste 😄

Very nice shots! She’s now addicted to the cold sensation!

I think you have a point😄

Spring has also finally arrived to your place, we can already see the ground and greens. Despite of cold water your daughter seems to be addicted to that feeling of adrenaline that the body produce when such quick temperature change :)

Sorry for late response, I was frozen to ice😄 there are more and more signs of spring here north. Yes she like the feeling🥶😄

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