Late autumn hike.

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Northern Norway 27.09.20.


Some pictures from a beautiful day late in september. The hike is up to around 700 meters above sealevel with a great view to the surrounding landscape and mountains.



Antlers from a reindeer.


The lake is called Reinveivannet, (Reindeer water).




From here we where heading down to the sealevel again.



Best regards



Stunning pictures of Norway. At first glance I thought that it become warm again up there but the pictures were done in September.

Antlers from a reindeer, I always wonder if they fall off themselves and if that hurt them.

Also Harald wanted to let you know we are running the contest just if you are interested:

The antlers fell off them self. I don’t think it hurt the reindeer. I imagine like loosing at thoot as kid 😊. Thank you very much for information about the contest, but my English is not good enough to write 300 words worth reading 😂

Hi Harald, you can do post in Norwegian language, as it is an international contest and we can use google-translator to translate :)

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My Father was Born in Norway... Looks like you have plenty of Fresh Water in Norway...
December 19, 2020... 22.3 Hollywood Time...

Very nice your picture bro, i like it.

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