A fjord in the north.

in #nature3 years ago

We spending the weekend in the city Tromsø visiting our daughters as go on the university in the city. Relaxing and looking around.
Here is a couple of pictures from a fjord nearby. Ideally the sky should not be cloudy. You have to imagine how it would have been without the clouds 😄. When not in a studio you get what you get (or something ). On this spot it could be fun to take pictures of the northern light. Try google and there is good chance you will recognise the mountain. It is a popular place taking pictures.

Have a great weekend.

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It is unusual to see the mountains covered with snow, I know Fjords from documentary with their juicy green vegetation. But even then majestic :)

Nice. Here you have a version with snow. 😊

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And you can draw a large moon on this photo. :)

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