Camping Creepy Crawlers

in nature •  7 months ago

We've been staying out at the Crater Of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas this past week. We love the campground out here. We enjoy the tall trees, the dark skies that illluminate the twinkling stars above us at night. We love the wildlife whether it's birdwatching or watching the many spiders & other creatures here in park.

Our first day we saw a millipede. We never see this in the city.


Spiders around here are a dime a dozen




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Not sure about the insects but great photography. Diamonds State park seems like a place i would like to visit. I will look into it and maybe take a family trip there.


@cryptogangz, it's a great campground ⛺️ we thoroughly enjoy it. I'd recommend a spring or fall stay just for cooler temperatures.

Wow This Is A Good Photography.

The millipede looks amazing with all those little legs. Its amazing the little creatures you will notice when you take the time to look.