Wonderful rose

in #nature5 years ago

Hello, dear friends and Steemians!

I like flowers as mostly girls on our planet. I think every flower has its own beauty and its own smell. They can bring a smile on our faces. Sometimes we can remember some pleasant and happy or even unhappy monents from our life watching the flowers. As every nature creation they are wonderful!

Let's enjoy the beauty of young rose. I have found it near the old building. I like combination of opposites: old building and young and fresh flower...

Do you like the same?)




Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have a wonderful day full of beauty, dear friends!


I agree with you it is wonderful!!

Thank you, dear friend:)

Roses are the best, thanks for sharing. :o)

You are welcome)

The decay brings reborn ! Nice post and photo dear.

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Thank you, dear @giosou!

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