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Good evening, Steemians and friends!

At the end of the day I want to share with you some evening photos. They were made at sunset's hours. I liked the composition and the landscape in that time. It looks like sunflowers were turned their heads towards the sun. It seems like the sunflowers said "Goodbye" to the sun)))





Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have sweet dreams tonight, dear friends!


Beautiful photos my friend!!!

I love Sunflowers! Never seen a Sunflower's farm !

It is only a big field where people have planted sunflowers)

Nice photos! I really like fields with sunflowers.

Thank you for your comment)

Very nice! They definitely seem depressed that the sun is gone.

Thank you for your comment)

Красивые фотографии!


Зреют семки? Головы вниз уже. У нас ещё и цвет не набрали.

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Пока еще не созрели, это вечером головы опускают...

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