Evening walk

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Good evening, Steemians!

I have walked this evening. And, as usual, I have taken some photos for you. They were taken before the sunset hours. I was walking near the wheat fields.

In our country farmers have already gathered all wheat... And as you can see there are nothing on the field... But some ears of the wheat were left on the ground.




Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have a wonderful evening and good night dear friends!


I like very much this cenery...

Thank you dear friend:)

Nice evening light have a great day

Thank you! Have a nice day too)

A nice easy day for me today so it will be a good one ;)

Что? Уже всё собрали?

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Да, у нас тепло и даже жарко было до недавнего времени... Благодаря близости моря у нас мягкий климат

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