Colours of summer: Green

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Hello, Steemians and friends!

All you know that summer is the best season for fruit, berries and vegetables... In our countryside house we have a small garden. There are some fruit trees and grapes. The grapes look wonderful! Soon it will be ready for eating...

Last weekend we were at our countryside garden and I have taken some photos for you, dear friends. Let's enjoy this summer beauty together.





Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have a sunny Thursday, dear friends!


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Скоро уже созреет?

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А потом перебродит и выиграется)

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Чувствуется, что человек знает толк в переброжении🙈

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Для знания этого толка, много ума не надо 😂

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Да, я тоже люблю виноград... старый... разлитый по бутылкам:)))

Особенно в сухом или полусухом охлажденном виде😋💪🍾

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Вы знаете толк в напитках;)))

Да, были хорошие учителя. А я всегда за все достойное и качественное))

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Enjoy the summer my friend :)

Thank you! I try to enjoy every sweet and tasty moments, but unfortunately, I am working without any holidays this summer....
Wish you nice weekend, dear friend)

Grapes are delicious, what type are they? :o)

I don't know the name of the sort of those grapes.... When we had bought the countryhouse, these grapes were there for long time ago)

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Красивые фотографии!


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