Good morning to all!..

in #nature5 years ago

Good morning, dear friends and Steemians!

This early morning I want to share with you some photos of beautiful flowers. I like their colour. Their petals are white and have some blue or purple in the middle. Unfortunately, I don't know their name...




Can you write me the name of these flower in the comments, if you know? Thank you)

Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have a wonderful Sunday, dear friends!


Good day my friend...

Good evening to you, my dear friend:) Have a nice Monday!

Have a have a nice week. :)

They are very beautiful flowers. :o)

Thank you for passing by)))

It would seem to be African daisies.
Nice photos!

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Thank you for your comment... and the flower's name)

Truth is that if you observe the details in a flower or any other creation of mother Earth , you'll be amazed !
Have a nice day !

Thank you, dear friend!

И вам доброго утра:)
(Просто потрясающие фотографии цветов:)

Спасибо большое! С нетерпением жду Ваши новые работы)

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