A morning in the life of an Irish Farmer (episode 3)

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Three hungry ewes and a lamb who are not shy about demanding breakfast !14 feb 2018 063.JPG

These three ewes are isolated from the rest of the flock for extra feeding, one had a very early lamb, another is very skinny and is scanned in lamb with two lambs, the other is the oldest sheep on the farm who is also in lamb but will only be having one .14 feb 2018 088.JPG

Life is pretty damn good for these two, every time I appear in the yard she arrives in looking for more food and I usually oblige, they're spoiled but so what.14 feb 2018 097.JPG

That barrow of haylage (a cross between hay and silage) is for two Connemara ponies , up next ( episode 4 )