Beautiful Photography of rajasthan | maunt aabu Photography No : 5

in nature •  9 months ago

I will tell you some interesting travel stories, a very interesting itinerary, a wonderful place in maunt aabu, it is one of the most beautiful, flexible, surrounded by nature, in rajasthan,where there is a garden which is differently filled,
We guru shikar around the whole day and then back to the hotel. We had almost 3/4 days in maunt aabu । After all,I forgot to say that I was coming back to maunt aabu while coming home.
most popular food,They have different forms of food chemistry,Among the most popular are dal bati churma,. I want to eat all the food after listening to it, but in the end it can be said that in a word of great place, my mind went out
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Beautiful photographs..
And amazing place to visit in monsoon season..