Waiting patiently at the table.

in nature •  2 months ago

An ancient cable car gondola, next to the restaurant looks on as people wait for their food.

Not so sure I would want to travel in one of these.

The view all the way to my home in the distance.

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Great photo; you didn't miss the opportunity !

Colorful little blighters!

I could not imagine actually riding that cable car. Beautiful pictures.

Hotel looks so beautiful,very impressive views,wonderful cable car,Mountains looks so amazing,you are so enjoying your trip,Natural beauty always attracts the peoples,Sea looks so beautiful,I really like your photos,thanks for sharing,

The view sure is worth the waiting i believe

First thought it was the original Table Mountain Car and found myself marveling at the speed of Gavvet travel as I saw him on Sunday only; and then realized it's the Harties Cableway. Still, quite impressive. I would like to take a ride myself sometime. Perhaps for my next archaeological expedition/lesson with Gavvet?


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Nice post with beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing.

The view is always amazing up there, hope you enjoyed the food and company just as much!!