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RE: Monday Walk with the Deer multiple pics

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I gotta get me to Colorado. Looks lovely. I love the look of partial snow on the ground. I guess in reality snow is a pain in the ass but for an Aussie who doesn't see it much...Looks so nice.


Yes, it can be pretty, but also a pain sometimes. It's been at least two weeks since it snowed here (not in the mountains) and the snow still hanging around in the shade which includes a few sections of our driveway and sidewalk in front of the house. Requires some careful walking to not slip especially when it thaws/freezes/thaws/freezes. The bad weather doesn't last long with all the sunshine we get. For example today it was a nice 50 degrees (F). Great place to vacation, March is prime time to ski if you're into that. Be sure to give us a shout and drop in for a visit if you make the long trip!

Would love to get there but probably not in ski season as we don't ski and have little interest in it. I just like nature and the wilderness. Someday I guess...Europe this year and an extended road trip here in Australia in 2021...2022 maybe? We'll see.

If not a skier, then summer/early fall best (June-Sept). My favorite time. Best time for Hiking and enjoying the outdoors. The fall Aspen leaves are great to see while still being hiking weather. Not much here for extreme hot weather or bugs that you're used to. Some rattlesnakes in summer, and mountain lions if you get too far off the path, but nothing like all the dangerous and pesky critters you have down there.

Sounds more my style...Hmm, except for lions and snakes but as you say, a little common sense takes care of that. I've always wanted to go to Colorado actually...I will get there someday, hopefully not too far in the future. June to Sept sounds like the right time for me.

Well, I've been here 10 years and still TRYING to see my first live rattlesnake or Mountain Lion. There have been a couple people catch the mountain lions on video in the neighborhood, but they are still pretty nocturnal and wild out this way. I haven't gotten to see one yet, but still working at it. I did get to see a Black Bear wandering around a couple years ago. They get into our trash cans once or twice a year, but generally don't see them.

I'll hang out with you as a good luck charm. Lol.

Seriously though, it's a bit the same here...Yes, we have some deadly shit but in the main, unless one goes to the places I go, it's unlikely people will see them. (Not crocodiles though, they're everywhere to be found in the Top End.) I've seen many deadly snakes in the wild, but when you consider I'm out there so much it's relatively few by comparison.

I'll put a steak in my pocket for the mountain lion and wear long pants to ward off snakebite. Problem solved...Or just take someone that runs slower than me...

Lol, yes that is the trick learned early here. You don't have to out run the bear, just kick your friend in the knee and out run your friend. Hahaha

I can do that...Now, to find a friend I don't like very much! 😂

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