Visiting eco villages is like...

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Visiting eco villages is like looking into the future and the past at the same time. You just always have to remember - Is this just the normal ways society does stuff, painted green? A tool to transition into a really green mindeset and sustainable behaviour? Or is it an actual alternative.. Both is appreaciated, and needed in this world of course. Just don´t back off from a green lifestyle because one ecovillage or alternative community is doing something in a „green painted“ way that doesn´t fit for you. There is PROBABLY some others out there who found a better (for you) alternative. Often compost toilets are such a topic. Some do shitty ones ( yeah pun intended).. and that scares a lot of people away from an alternative lifestyle.. So understandable.. But never give up searching for real great new or sometimes OLD ways of doin´ stuff. In general looking back, how people did stuff „before“ whatever brought us so far away from being in touch with this planet, is worth it. Taking old ways/ tricks and apply our todays standards (for example animal cruelty free actions, human rights, a certain level of hygiene like avoiding to have stinky stuff on you.. not avoiding earth or microbes, but avoiding to put a shit ton of piss on a street in a small town you know..) .. so, basically review the old ways and applying it into our modern mindset, can be REALLY helpful to find back to a green lifestyle. Pottery, wooden toys for kids, webbing, fermenting food…And this is just popular things.. you would not believe what treasures of knowledge are hidden in former times.. go look for it.. it´s fun and insightful :) You could start asking the oldest people you know, about how they did stuff back then. How did grandma make a sauce without a blender??? Ask her :)

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A dreamy photo!!
Love it!😊

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