Step by step to a green foot print

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I just recently got asked how we endet up living in a rainforest all hippy style and stuff.
Well, that happened step by step.
In our case it started with changing our diet to healthy food choices.. then changing other habits that are connected with health.. removing chemicals of all sorts from our lives.. take the natural alternative.. wood instead of plastic spoons and all this stuff.. We learned a lot on our way and always strived to find the most natural way to do anything we can think of, see if we can do that at the moment, but also be tough with ourselves and not hide behind excuses.
A transition time to a greener lifestyle is wonderful. Knowing that we will always push ourselves to grow, if there is room for growth, was our fuel to actually achieve a life we have now. We eat clean and healthy, we don´t use chemicals for our hygiene, we live a minimal live and very close to nature.
And we have a blast!! If you want to live very „green“, too. trust your process, be very curious, brave and try out! You are probably going to look back one day and see how far you came already :) If you have a question regarding a greener lifestyle, don´t hesitate to ask us :)
Saludos de Perú ♡

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What kind of a diet are you eating? I've been trying to eat natural wholesome food. Basically cutting out anything that comes in a box and has refined food insides. It's tough, but I can feel a huge difference.

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@raksha thanks 😊

@ericleslie hey, we are raw vegan.. I know that can sound like wwooaahh.. what can you eat?? xD But its just relearing preperation of the food and learn about more fruits and veggies that you didn't know excist xD hehe. Yeah, cool, that you are giving your body the best you can find. love it! The difference to trashy food is so immense, right..