Feeling very Refresh while travelling to Hilly slope regions... Nature always Wears the Colors of Spirit! Do you love to be in Nature???

in nature •  2 months ago

Hello! fellows steemians

how are you all doing?

Welcome back once again in my blog and today i am sharing some beautiful photos of nature . actually, today evening
i went to milan pally which is situated in our city Siliguri and its a combination of hills and planes to visit and refreshing some moments . i feel very fresh over there and i spend good times with nature and i will thank to God that nature is the best gift for us and we have to protect our mother nature from dangerous and harmful substances. i always love to be in nature and i hope you all definitely love to be in such a beautiful places. so, here are some pics which i capture today with my phone. i hope you all like it.





if you guys like it then please feel free to comment below i really really appreciate your feedback.





Thank you for looking and reading my blogs, i will see you soon with another fresh content till then take care and be safe...

good night!

best regards,
Francis Rai

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yes, i love


That's great my friend.:)