Patterns of Complexity

in nature •  last year

All languages have individual sounds, which form letters, which form words to create independent thoughts. This pattern of small, simple components combining to form more complex things is present in, as far as I know, literally everything measurable. But why do things work that way? Why isn't everything an independent actor that moves solely through its own capabilities, rather than combining to form more complex things?

In a universe goverened purely by entropy (that is, the tendency of closed systems to devolve into chaos over time; I'm just an average person with no background in physics or anything so that might not be a great definition), you would expect the former. You would expect a universe full of equally distributed complexity where every thing is at the highest possible level of simplicity. But that's not how our universe works. Everything material in our universe (even atoms, one of the most basic forms of matter we know of) is a structure built brick by brick, room by room, through progressively greater levels of complexity, with many of those structures combining to form even more complex systems, even though that's counterintuitive.

There's also an interesting thought that God is the only entity Who is truly whole and indivisible, while everything in this universe He created follows the pattern described earlier (does that also mean that all matter can be infinitely divided into more basic parts?). After all, the single origin point must exist somewhere. That's just my opinion though, and this isn't meant to be an evangelizing post, so whether you're a religious person or not though, it's definitely an interesting thing to consider (or at least I hope so, three paragraphs about nothing would be a pretty big waste of time)

Let me know what you think, and if I'm onto something or just a bunch of pretentious nothing

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