🦋 Beautiful Butterfly 🦋

in nature •  4 months ago


🎨 Category: Nature
📸 Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7
🌐 Location: Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)

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Wow! You probably had to be really sneaky to get this shot! It looks really nice hehe.

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It's so beautiful!

A quite vivid and clear image, you have done a good job. I am trying to identify the butterfly.

nice click dear great photo. your photography and time managment combination made awesome. great job

I love your photos!

Terrific photo. I’ve never seen a butterfly or moth with coloring quite like that.

Wonderful Capture

very beautiful photo

Fixed a harmonious natural relationship

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Everybody resembles a butterfly, they begin appalling and unbalanced and after that transform into delightful agile butterflies that everybody cherishes.

Lovely beautiful @fkofficials

Beautiful photograph @flamingirl !