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This is one of those sad publications where we can analyze the damaging impact that humans have had with their environment, endowed with a brain capable of thinking and making decisions it seems that very often and in situations where not even life itself has meaning, it is to expect the worst for other species. I present to you a top 7 of animals that disappeared from the face of the earth.

1 Golden Toad

All amphibians are very susceptible to the changes that are generated in their environment, are accustomed to the high and low peaks in temperatures that can usually endure, but when there is human interaction or the most feared climate change due to human pollution endangered the life of the golden toad, these amphibians were part of the ecosystem of Costa Rica, in 1966 were first seen and only 10 years passed until they were never seen again.


2 Cuaga

These incredible mammals were related to zebras, native to South Africa were documented his life until the end of 1800, were brutally hunted by Dutch settlers, who were amazed at the characteristic shape of the Cuaga, had dimensions somewhat disproportionate to other similar animals such as the zebra and the horse, could measure 2 meters and a half length and 1 ½ height.


3 Tasmanian Tiger

I remember when I was little having seen something about this creature, it comes from Australia and is a tiger totally different from the others, it was not a mammal but a carnivorous marsupial, and being marsupial was more related to kangaroos than to tigers in reality, had the ability to hunt animals that doubled in weight. The last Tasmanian tiger died in 1936.


4 Giant alca

Perhaps the only penguin in areas near the North Pole, only lived until the XlX century, scientific studies were made that determined that they were not related to the penguins, although they looked quite similar. They lived in areas such as Greenland, Iceland, Norway, although they were naturally native to Canada.


As the penguins of the South Pole did not surpass the meter of height and shared something else both species cannot fly due to a hypertrophy in their wings.

5. Persian Tiger

Big feline of Chinese origin of prominent size and with characteristics very similar to other relatives like the Bengal tiger, are documented until the twentieth century, but the poaching to be sold to circuses or unscrupulous people made its population decrease until its total disappearance.


6 Baiji or Chinese dolphins

These dolphins enjoyed a very good population and good health, they lived in the main major rivers of China, but the era of globalization brought an interaction of ferocious man who ended up polluting forests and rivers, in the 70s was declared a species in danger of extinction until in 2007 was declared extinct.


7 Irish moose

Considered by all biologists as the giant moose, had a height of at least 2 meters were endemic to Ireland and is estimated to have disappeared about 9 thousand years ago, it is a mystery the disappearance of this animal that did not live or experience climate change or human pollution.


Not all animals have disappeared due to human interaction, and it is natural that species disappear is part of the evolutionary process. What has nothing to do with the progress of life on the planet is that man contaminates and interferes with the habitat of certain species, forcing the irremediable disappearance of many species.

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Very sad indeed to see more and more animals are becoming extinct. Future generation would only see them in books. In Borneo, we are also fighting to sabe few species of our nature (orang utan). Lets spread the awareness!

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