Amazing nature #51 - Salpa Animal O Maggiore Salpa

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As we have seen in some publications dedicated to marine animals, we notice that there is an incredible variety of species some unique in their form that has developed over millions of years, this is the case of the Salpa, maybe you have encountered them on a beach, only that it is a little difficult to recognize or detect it because it is a transparent fish, come and accompany me to know a little about this particular animal of the sea.


It is not the only transparent species but in reality, there are other completely transparent marine species. Like jellyfish for example, but in this case, we are talking about a fish.


Through its gelatinous body, we can appreciate its viscera, what matters most is that this fish is not prey to diners, so I doubt it is threatened more than by the plastics that unfortunately float on beaches around the planet. Although it is never too much who makes a test and then we regret that the salsa is in danger of extinction thanks to its indiscriminate hunting.


Scientists have been studying the Salpa a lot for some time due to its resemblance to human nervous structures, have promoted the idea that it is possible that we have developed our nervous system by animals like the Salpa. Anyway, we must wait until we know more about this species that in comparison with others we do not know anything.


One of the things that have caught my attention the most of this specimen is its way of moving in the water, most of the marine inhabitants move through fins which allow it to drive in the intricate marine currents, but the salt has a completely different system, they move with a perfect pumping system, they can do it thanks to some holes where water enters and leaves by its interior, it is something like a kind of turbine.


Not only are they driven through the water, with this same action can comply with their eating habits and eat phytoplankton, but this is also done by filtration.

It's not easy to see them but if you run into one, you may get many Salpas, because they travel in groups, forming rows in the sea of up to 2 kilometers.


Another fascinating aspect of this specimen is that they can absorb about 4000 tons of Carbon Dioxide or CO2 per day. For that reason, it is the reason for studies since it could help a lot in the reduction of CO2, after absorbing they can deposit it very strategically in the bottom of the sea. Amazing, isn't it?

They also have a very amazing way of reproducing, they are considered one of the multicellular animals that reproduce faster, in one day they can double their test, they are sexual and asexual. This increases their biological balance.


I have no doubt that the world and living beings have a purpose to coexist, unfortunately, the only species that harms itself and others is the human, the so-called homosapiens. But just to imagine that an animal is capable of absorbing CO2 is one of the things that makes me think that even in that the world is perfect.

A species that is not new but that promises to rid us of one of our worst evils, our own pollution, the one we make in minutes, but it lasts for centuries.


Thank you for reading


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Nature is amazing ❤️

Thank you for your great posts ✌️✌️✌️

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You're welcome my friend! 😉

Amazing animal! Maybe I'll meet one in one of my dives 😁

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Ha ha looks like a plastic toy
So cool

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This is such a great post, nature and wildlife always amazes me. 👍 😀


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I just hope the next generations will still see them.
I hope we will all preserve our seas and oceans.

Resteemed - Wow this is INCREDIBLE !!!!!! I think you should have mentioned in the title that is cleans up pollution - EVERYONE should know about this and not miss reading this incredible information - thanks so much for sharing 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙