Everything is possible in nature

in nature •  5 months ago

I spent weekend in a beautiful village which name is Ghararghan, surrounded by a waterfall, gardens and trees that sprawls for hundreds of square miles.

There I couldn’t hear the cars along the Highway above, nor could I see the housing developments atop the hills – the trees were a barrier to everything but this slice of the natural world underfoot.

As soon as I started walking on the mountains near the waterfall, eluding the foamy edges of the waves as the surf slid toward gardens, I felt a peace wash over me. It was as if the sea was rhythmically rinsing away the tension that had built up as I’d hunched over the steering wheel for the previous few days.
It was fantastic weekend… I suggest you spend the weekend in nature too, Nature beckons, and your task is to figure out where in our wonderful world you want to go.

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thank you

Your English looks very fantastic. I am glad you had a nice time in Gharaghan


thanks a lot

dear sis your valley is beautiful and information and advice are also good. check my pic also.


thank you... sure

Beautiful place.