Stroll About the Lakeland Finland

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Saturday was a perfect summer day spend walking about in the nature, just outside the city centre. I wasn't in a serious photography mood, and I never am when it's the mid day sun blazing, but I did snap some ordinary shots for you guys to see. I think you are quite often interested in seeing the "real Finland" so I'm trying to share that to you.

In Finland, you are never far from forests and lakes, so a scenery like in these images, is very normal to us. Did you know that Finland had one of the cleanest water in the planet? While our lakes might look dirty, often almost black, the water in them is actually very pure, it's just the dark sediment and peat in the bottom that make the lakes look murky.

Shot with the Fujifilm x100f.











Do you wish to see more Finnish nature though my camera?

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Yes more! But wait, there's graffitti in Finland? How is that possible? :)

There are bored teenagers in here too, just like everywhere else in the world too 😁

More yes!!
The peat turned your toes dark too!!😆

Thaha yes it did 😝

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Merci de nous faire partager ces belles images de la nature finlandaise.
En France, la Finlande a une réputation de pays préservé.
C'est génial d'habiter en ville et d'être si proche de lieux si paisibles.
Moi qui habite en région parisienne, j'ai un havre de paix proche de chez moi : la forêt de Fontainebleau (c'est un spot mondial pour la varappe).
Fais nous rêver avec tes photos !

Google Traduction: Thank you for sharing with us these beautiful pictures of Finnish nature.
In France, Finland has a reputation as a preserved country.
It's great to live in the city and be so close to such peaceful places.
I live in the Paris region, I have a haven of peace near my home: the forest of Fontainebleau (it is a world spot for rock climbing).
Make us dream with your photos!