Who's Watching Who?

in nature •  19 days ago 

What an incredible experience to have nature look you right in the eye!

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Reminds me of years back, the house I was living in always had crickets hanging around the shower. One time while showering I noticed one at the edge of the tub and made sure it didn't get smothered with water. Here's where it gets interesting.

When done as I stood in the shower dripping the cricket proceeded to slower travel on my foot then up my leg to end up around the middle of my chest staring directly at me. Then the cricket started moving it's antennas and eventually formed them into the shape of a heart and kept that for a couple of minutes as we gazed into each other eyes. I then encouraged the cricket to climb on my hand to set it down.

Really a most amazing experience!

I can totally relate to that @thedrollyears! Haven't had that experience with crickets, but bugs in general do tend to want to make contact. So grateful you shared that story with me! Love it!