Seeing Eye to Eye

in #nature7 months ago

At the @gardenofeden our ecosystem is thriving. Bugs of all kinds are part of the magnificence, and the praying mantis is an integral part of the whole.

I have seen at least a half a dozen praying mantises the past 3 days.
One was on my beverage glass,
was so camouflaged and stayed still for so long
I wondered if it was still alive.

This one was inside of our tented gazebo,
so happy to be seen, and really got into my paying attention to him.
He turned his little face toward me and stared right into my eyes.
He didn't really hold still much for a good clear shot with my camera,
but didn't seem to mind that I was up in his face,
and was really intent at acknowledging my presence
with interest and eye-to-eye connection.


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This bug is very big 😂 sad we not have this bugs here in Estonia 😊😮👌👀🌟

This is a really cool bug. This one was about 2" long, and was so happy to have me near him. I imagine Estonia has bugs we don't have in Texas. Glad I could bring this one to you @foxkoit.

One day I go and find this bug also :)

I hope it looks deeply at you too @foxkoit!

I had one small one who did it :)))
here's a little spider that looked at me carefully as I approached :))