Forager’s Hike: Walking Through Bay Laurel and Miner’s Lettuce

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Leaving the nearest housing development, the false spring was evident already. We had warm weather in January that tricked some of the trees into budding out. But it was followed by a couple of vicious weeks in February that grounded most bees.

Here is a small peach tree from someone’s front yard that has a bird’s nest in it. The poor tree is all dressed up with no one to pollinate it. Hopefully, a few early winged insects will brave the cold snap and flutter the pollen around.


Above: Peach tree with bird's nest. Below: Bay laurel tree in the back with pyracantha bush in the foreground. Unfortunately, those berries are only for the birds.

The trail goes through a small field and then disappears into a forest of oak and bay laurel trees. If you’re familiar with culinary bay leaves, the rich aroma of the California bay laurel leaves is similar. They do not taste quite as good in cooking as the Mediterranean (culinary) bay leaves, which give a warm background flavor to stews and hearty tomato sauces.

You can use a smaller quantity of California bay leaves to similar effect, though it has a much sharper taste and using too much will overpower your food. The nuts are edible also and can be roasted for a beverage like coffee. I’ll leave them to the squirrels and the experienced foragers. For now, the flowers are just beginning, so there are no bay nuts yet.


Walking in a forest carpeted by fallen bay and oak leaves releases their warm and nutty aromas most pleasantly. Both trees have dark green leaves and twisty branches. Where the forest breaks into a small meadow, a carpet of brighter green grows. Grasses, thistles, nettles, miner’s lettuce, and cow parsnips are getting an early start on spring. In addition, there are a few plants I suspect of being future wildflowers, but none are blooming yet.

While I did not plan this hike for foraging purposes, it is amazing how many edible plants I can see. Only some are at edible stages this early in the year. Down near the creek are some blackberry bushes and they will not have ripe berries on them until July or August. For the adventurous, there are the bay tree nuts and oak tree acorns; the latter need to be prepared in a way that removes the tannins, since they are too bitter for humans. Cow parsnips grow roots that are quite edible, but preparing them is labor intensive, since the outside is covered with some spikes that contain some mildly poisonous ingredient.

And then there are the wild anise plants. The ghosts of last year’s crop still stand, but you can see the new ones starting to grow around the base. Later in the summer and fall, the stalks will be delicious. They taste like licorice (but make sure not to eat the poisonous hemlock, which looks similar).


The nettles are starting also. Stinging nettle is the best known and touching it can give you a rash, but the leaves are a very nutritious green vegetable. Blanche them in hot water for a few seconds, then cook, and the offensive substance will be gone.

Best of all for fresh eating is the miner’s lettuce, a species of Claytonia also known as winter purslane. This stuff is such a tasty treat and it needs no cooking. The next couple of weeks is high season for free salads in my region, as open spaces in wet microclimates are blanketed with the thick, succulent leaves growing on their juicy stems. It is a very tender salad green, almost like eating a light lettuce such as iceberg or romaine.


Miner's lettuce with its lovely heart-shaped small leaves and rounded mature ones. The flowers grow up inside these leaves and are edible also.

Miner’s lettuce is appropriately named because the gold miners who came to California beginning in 1849 ate miner’s lettuce to keep them from getting scurvy. Miner’s lettuce is high in vitamin C and other nutrients. One average sized salad’s worth of miner’s lettuce greens will give you 33% of your daily vitamin C needs, 22% of your vitamin A, and 10% of your iron.

In addition, like all purslane family greens, miner’s lettuce contains some omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your skin, your brain, and other parts of your body. This is an unusual concentration in any plant because omega-3 fatty acids in the human diet normally come from animal sources such as coldwater fish (like salmon) or eggs from pastured chickens. Flax seeds, chia seeds, canola oil and certain algae are the only other non-animal sources I know about; miner’s lettuce is a more enjoyable way to get those omegas.


If I had enough helpers, I could pick enough salad right now to feed dozens of people. But plenty of people will not eat something that's been growing wild. Down the hill, they pay several dollars per pound for salad greens at the grocery store, but they neglect this free source of goodness growing in the hills. Once picked, miner’s lettuce is very delicate and does not last more than a couple of days in the refrigerator. And once the stems and leaves get tough in a week or two, the season will be over. It's best eaten fresh and raw: no salad dressing needed!

This oak tree has a scar that looks like a baboon.


There were no baboons in the forest, but...

While under the oaks, we came across some dirt mounds near holes. This one was freshly dug and so we waited. Sure enough, a gopher appeared! It was still digging and we saw it trying to raise its body up to get something from the ground.

Gophers typically eat roots and plants they can drag down underground, but occasionally they’ll come up to grab something from the surface. Because there were no plants around, but there were acorn nuts scattered among the brown leaves, this gopher must have been hunting for acorns. Gophers are practically blind, especially when they venture above ground, so they rely on sound and smell to find their food.




Top image: Twisty oak tree with dark green bay leaves in the background. All photos by the author.


Beautifull nature :D

@donkeypong, you are such a lovely dude, your writings are so captivating, you sure know how to make your audience stick to your bog all day long.

This is nature at its best, this is so beautiful.

Permit me, how were you able to know all these? did you grow up in the woods? lol.

I give you 100 percent man!

Awesome. Thank you

Would be so lovely to go hiking there from what you show in the images.

Nature is beautiful, nothing could ever beat its beauty.

Above: Peach tree with bird's nest. Below: Bay laurel tree in the back with pyracantha bush in the foreground. Unfortunately, those berries are only for the birds.

Look at the beauty of the bay laurel inter-twine with the pyracantha bush, So lovely. Sad those berries are just for birds, with so much beatiful look.

wow. Incredible information. You studied so deeply about it. I also share a photo of forest park just 10 minutes walk from my house, although it is a park but look like a forest.


You can use a smaller quantity of California bay leaves to similar effect, though it has a much sharper taste and using too much will overpower your food. The nuts are edible also and can be roasted for a beverage like coffee.

Damn! So this is what bay leaf looks when it's fresh. We often see the dry ones here in Nigeria and now I think I know why . That's coz it doesn't grow here in Nigerian but in California and then imported here as dry leaves.

I so much love the taste in jollof rice and it gives it this unique taste we always get from rice cooked in parties which we call "Nigerian Party Jollof" ....I would really love to know what else bay leaves can be used to cook and will it have the same tastebwhen it is fresh and when it is dried?

Talking about the nuts. Never seen one before and how does that taste too after being roasted?

The best kind for cooking is the Mediterranean bay leaf (also known as culinary bay), so that's probably what you are getting there. The California one is more intensely flavored and more difficult to use in cooking.

Lettuce is common in the place where I live. It's very tasty mostly in winter and it has great health benefits.We don't need a melting pot in this country, folks. We need a salad bowl. In a salad bowl, you put in the different things. You want the vegetables - the lettuce, the cucumbers, the onions, the green peppers - to maintain their identity. You appreciate differences.

yeah I was shocked have actually never seen bay leaves so fresh I get to see only the dried ones in our awesome Nigerian jollof @donkeypong needs to taste it don't you think?

This is nature at it's very finest, the picture of the mole or is it mound? How can I differentiate. in the hole is classic, the edible vegetables and the bush thorns all in this woods are amazing.

I must ask, I think it's favourable there? I'm guessing it's only autumn that makes for a spent vegetation as this? Yes?

Moles make mounds with their holes in the middle. Here, we also have gophers, which push the dirt in one direction, so if the hole is on one side of the dirt it's a gopher.

Wow the difference is quite amazing @donkeypong we don't have this in Nigeria anyway, thank you for clarification

Just looking @ this post fills my heart with joy. These is because of the love I have for nature cos of its beauty. I wish I could explain why nature can be so beautiful even when it stands on its own. The amazing work of God is a mystery.

I always thought on sea food contains omega-3 fatty acids..
I never knew about miner’s lettuce...
Amazing, the scar on oak tree does look like a baboon's face..

Yes, some seafood definitely has it. Many fish normally eat some of the algae that has high concentrations of omegas.

Thank for expanding my knowledge.

Its amazing how by just walking around you are able to find so many different amounts of edible foods!

How are you able to recognize them? Did you learn from someone else? Did you learn it at school? If i got lost in the woods or hiking i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to save my life by eating something because i probably would not know what is edible and what is not lol!

It's fun, but it's not enough to eat very much, except at certain times of the year. I grew up hiking just a few hours from here, so I developed an early interest in the plants and animals.

It must have been nice to grow up going into nature, I've been a city dweller most of my life and it's now that I'm starting to have freedom to go out and interact with nature sometimes.

Thank you @donkeypong You have shared about the beautiful nature around you.

I'm so curious about this berries, whether this berries can not be consumed?

Only by the birds.

Very beautiful post @donkeypong. Photos of beautiful natural beauty, I really like to see the beauty of nature. Because in my opinion, the beauty of nature is very useful for us, if we have many problems in this life, with us go to see the beauty of nature and fresh air. I feel my soul is calm. Behind the beauty of nature that you share this, the words you write if it has a very deep meaning. All of that can be a very good motivation for all of us. Thank you for sharing and hope you will be more successful to work and always to share the motivation for all of us who have just joined in steemit... :)

The season is great now for plants and looking at your pictures, i can tell the plants are in good conditions.

You know quite well about plants.

If you’re familiar with culinary bay leaves, the rich aroma of the California bay laurel leaves is similar.

We use this in preparing stew in my country, though i don't know if we are actually talking about same leaves. Over here its called Curry Leave, and it adds wonderful aroma to your stew.

Ah yes, I've had curry leaves also. They are different, but look similar and have lots of flavor.

This is nature at it's extremely finest, the photo of the mole or is it hill? How might I separate. worse than broke is exemplary, the consumable vegetables and the shrub thistles all in this woods are astounding.

THANKS for sharing such amazing stuff @donkeypong.
I love this season coz in the season nature attracts us more. . You found the real beauty of nature
And Peach tree with bird's nest is awesome. i have never seen such
#Stay blessed

Love this beautiful nature with the brilliant explanations,really big fan of your writing..we also used to cook nettles which is really good for health..oak tree look so strange..thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us @donkeypong

Thanks. A few times at nice restaurants, I've seen nettles on the menu (nettle ravioli or something) and have loved eating them. I keep promising myself I'm going to pick some and try cooking them more...maybe soon.

We used to have this plant in our school.and you know what one of our teacher use this nettles to punish us by hitting it on our hand which is so painful.. i will never forget this in my entire life 😟

Lovely hiking trail!

I love the blooming peach and nuts, the red berries, and, of course, the cute little gopher. 😊

Would love to try Miner’s lettuce, I really like wild food. During past summer, I've eaten wild blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries in Kolašin, Montenegro.

Wonderful! You're fortunate to have some good local berries.

Oh my! Nature at it's best. Absolutely beautiful. Yes, most people wouldn't want to eat them because they grow in the wild, but i would. This is really impressive. We should go together one day haha.

Wow awesome the part you said something like people prefer to pay a couple of dollars to get salads at the groceries, neglecting the fact that they can get something fresher down the hill, I just had to imagine all the process they make the leaves go through just to keep it fresh at the groceries maybe they even spray chemicals if I were closed to you I could pay to get your wild salad leaves

Very exciting going on such trips, I hope to follow suit ounce am old enough


People don't trust wild foods anymore or trust themselves to know what's good and what's dangerous. It's unfortunate.

Very very unfortunate, should I say it's civilisations or what that brings about these. I actually enjoy picking the fruit's I eat my self, learnt that from my dad

Lettuce is very common food where I live..
Are the skin benefits just from miners lettuce or lettuce in general.
The lettuce that I eat doesn't taste very good and is cooked .

Lettuce is good also, but I don't think it has much of the omega-3's which occur in the purslane family of plants. Research omega-3 if you want, which has other dietary sources also.

I definitely would..
It would be really good if it had benefits cause I eat a lot of it

Exclusive photography with excellent description about Peach tree with bird's nest and another Gopher photography really impressed me. Your creative thoughts really fascinated me. Thank you for sharing this informative post about Bay Laurel and Miner’s Lettuce.

It's not a rat; it's a gopher (if you read the post)!

Gopher is looking just like a rat. I never see gopher. I thought this is the another name of rat. I saw the dictionary where written One type of rats. Sorry for that.

So lucky! In Singapore we have about 4 hiking trails at most?

You have a nice rainforest park there, if I recall. It's not big, but I enjoyed it when I visited there (assuming it still exists, since I haven't been to Singapore in almost 20 years!).

Haha! You should come back then! More trails! Rather man-made, but still very nice.

I've been enjoying Miner's Lettuce this spring, although up here in Oregon's Willamette Valley, it's not as mature as in your area. And I like eating acorns, too. They are easy to store and process as needed -- I like cold leaching the best. It takes time, but it's easy. There are so many good greens out there in springtime, for sure. I enjoy a good weed salad! And I like cooking with the California Bay Laurel, although here in Oregon, it goes by Oregon Myrtle, lol. Using it in Tomato Soup is one of my favorites. Happy foraging! It's a time of abundance out there now! :D

Wow this is amazing. I just realized that one can survive in the wild with enough knowledge. Just curious, is there a significant difference in taste between the miner's lettuce and the ones bought in supermarkets?

It's like a watery lettuce variety, such as iceberg or romaine. I have never seen miner's lettuce sold in stores, since it does not keep well and is fairly fragile.

You know an awful lot about the forest plants and animals. What fascinated me was how you spotted that bird's nest. I couldnt even see it this close. Or maybe its because im colorblind. It definitely beats being a being where you are literally blind lol

It wasn't a great picture. From a distance, you could see the nest better, but this person's house was just behind it. I didn't want to get that in the picture since I didn't know them.

Lol. Yeah I couldn't imagine myself trying to get near to a tree to take a picture while your neighbors start at you. Your walk was very simple as if from the ordinary but your knowledge and interest in just about everything really makes the post stand out. You have a very inquisitive mind sir tom. It's a trait I look up to and aspire to be one myself.

Gophers are practically blind, especially when they venture above ground, so they rely on sound and smell to find their food.

I never knew this. I've always known they are pretty smart. Any idea how it can be captured easily?
My dad tried everything possible to send them away, they destroyed most of our plants then.

And you were 100% right about the Miner's Lettuce.

Your writeups was well detailed and very easy to read. Keep up the good work.

Gophers are difficult in gardens. I actually don't have a problem with them here (which is some distance from this hike spot), but I know some people put a layer of wire mesh poultry wire under their garden beds so the gophers do not take all of their plants. Of course, there are other methods of stopping them also, but those tend to involve poison or violence...

Oh! Thanks. I'll try that.

This is such an awesome post...seriously, I learned so much! Even though I grew up on a farm and kind of know plants, the whole idea of foraging is something I've never really taught myself. So thank you for that! Your comment about the stinging nettles brought up a few childhood memories though :) And I always knew about sailors and scurvy, but never heard of 'land' scurvy before; love the history lesson behind the name, 'miner's lettuce'! Finally, your comment about people's derision about eating 'wild' food as opposed to grocery store-bought produce is a puzzle to me as well. From what I can see here, they don't know what they're missing :)

Thank you again for this! Cheers:)

Thanks for a great comment. I think the miners had tough winters of eating dried meat and cooking dried beans and grains while working in the hills, so when this green vegetable appeared in late winter/early spring, they found it could cure any scurvy issues.

Oh you're welcome! And of course it makes perfect sense now, it's just something I'd never thought about :) I have often thought about how long those winters would have felt like back then! We think we've got it rough haha

My oh my, you are blessed with varieties of plants in your region. We are not so blessed with these in my region, though we have other things.. Instead nutritionists use these plants to produce supplements and sell in our country.

@donkeypong, i guess you cook well, you seem to know the function of each plant😊

I just admire the plants and have a few bites. I can make a good toast, though. :)

its amaizing to hear that the there had summer from january and to see all these tree and plants i think the spring is already started and and summer coming maybe in next month
but one thing is really intresting to see these gophers holes ,,whats different between gophers and rats or boths are same?
nice to see all photos and listen your reviews on all these, this shows me that you are farmer or botanic @donkeypong

They're both in the rodent family, but behave quite differently. Gophers mostly live underground and burrow for roots. They have big cheeks and do not have that rat tail.

hmmm thanx for explain i didnot see any gophers yet and now i try to see and search on google to see them without rat tail

This is beautiful - we here in the Southern hemisphere are feeling the winter creeping closer - but every season has its beauty even though Spring is bragging the most. I believe you are blessed if you can see and appreciate the little things around you.

One of these years, I'll come to the southern hemisphere to chase the seasons. :)

O you will not regret it - we have a wonderful country with even better weather and the people .... unfortunately we have our problems with politics and stuff but I tend to ignore that - so many other positive things to focus on

Are you a botanist @donkeypong? Your post is highly educational i love nature .

I never knew the flower that grows inside miners lettuce is edible...thanks for the knowledge

Love this post...also lovley photograph..which camera did u use..?

Just a hobbyist, not a pro. Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Why do all the names sounds to me like they are from an alien wonder book? I think due to the kind of weather here most of those plants don't grow here that's why I haven't seen any of them before. Thanks for taking my eyes along on this adventure, got a few names added to my nature's knowledge bank.

That scar on the tree looks like a C-scan of a baby in the womb. Hahahahaha.

That's another good interpretation. I was thinking baboon or one of those primates with a heart shaped face and big nose at the bottom.

wow, you're a man of many facets. you recently just peaked into the ancient world and now...a botanist facet? you're amazing!

Thanks for the kind words. I have many interests and would get bored focusing on just one.

amazing perspective! Thanks for sharing these pics with us. I needed to see some nature after sitting in the office all day.

Sometimes, living vicariously through posts is the best we can do on certain days. :) I like the travel posts for that reason also.

Such an interesting plexus of trees.

@donkeypong, Absolutely brilliant nature title indeed post this time. I think it's made for me coz my interesting part much about nature. Nice photography really inspire me and giving such a valuable contents. I learn about more from this and easy to understand environmental change period wise.
If you like to meditate in forest I tell you., Yep...You can do it easily. Natural sound indeed birds, water fallen noises naturalize places sure you bringing your wondering world. I'm amazing to see edible plants.
How you feel flowers and berries smells? Sure you tell- Friend, I feel remarkable taste from them. I can tell more words using nature topic. If I have free time always going to walking to forest and stay with them. Like to sit shadow indeed under the massive tree. Have you feelings about that @donkeypong?
However you creating More valuable blog. Nice you decided to share.

wow.. great photography . thanks for sharing @donkeypong

Nature at its best, I love how natural and beautiful they are...

What we need to begin understanding, is that when it comes to nature and environmentalism its really cool...
Im glad to know about Miner's lettuce,tho ive not seen it here in Nig
Wow thanks for sharing this sir @donkeypong

What a beautiful nature,i hope you enjoy your walking in this beautiful natural and love your photography and explanations...the interesting part is that you able to see that gopher coming outside by digging the hole.

This is a lot of knowledge about plants from you @donkeypong. Among all these varities am well versed with Miner's lettuce which is grown a lot here in Uganda. Am even surprised people pay several dollars per pound for salad greens at the grocery store. These people are gifted with free natural diet ingredients growing up the hills.
Great history behind this plant.. I actually didn't known Miner’s lettuce is named because the gold miners who came to California beginning in 1849 ate miner’s lettuce to keep them from getting scurvy. Interesting reading this.
I've been enjoying the delicacy from this plant which we cook here in Uganda. Though I didn't know the nutrients it's rich in. Vitamin C, vitamin A, Iron, omega-3 fatty acids. This is massively abundant stuff from a plant that is undermmined by many. Having the same nutrients one can get from coldwater fish and eggs shows what many are losing out when they go spend expensively on different foods with low nutrient content.

That's pretty interesting and priceless post sharing @donkeypong. I most update and learn from this post about some native plants entire inside forests. I focused how much value about forest included trees, lands, lakes etc... Very cool sounded here. Actually more peoples destroyed and few peoples protect our nature. Forest indeed trees created us valuable oxygen air. Without O2 cannot live on earth. So This is a big deal with forest.
Finally your tree bark image very impressive me. Thank you for shared amazing post.

i really love the peach tree's very pretty. Such beautiful nature surrounding you :)

Wow such lovely photos thanks for sharing this pretty nature. Hopefully the insects will starting heading towards that peach tree :)

lettuce is some what we call an all round in calories, vitamins and minerals, Lettuce contains moisture, energy, protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and sugars. The minerals and vitamins found in it include calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc along with vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, C, A, E, and vitamin K, one should eat lettuce on daily basis as it is essential for our growth as well, hope you like my suggestion, thank you...

I love this season, the buds are grown once again, the greenery is every where as if there has been put an another life in the trees and plants, it suggests nothing lasts forever after pain there is happiness. Thank you

Everything looks beautiful this season, except my face thanks to my allergies I may sneeze out my brain one of these days.

May be the allergies are because of seasonal change

Wow you have taken some beautiful and very greeny shots
Have a safe journy in the jungle god bkess you

i am actually a natural lover i really love your post thanks for sharing and such an great photography done by @donkeypong its my first time being in your post and you got a new follower!

Amazing Nature Photos That Will Blow Your Mind @donkeypong
Sir which camara you use

Restrictive photography with astounding depiction about Peach tree with feathered creature's home and another rodent photography extremely inspired me. Your imaginative contemplations extremely interested me.

Ah thats the love and beauty of nature, amazingly explained and the pictures are too good

Yes it's good that one should clearly identify the different edible foods while on walk or something like that.... Great of u to share this...also want to know whether lettuce could taste better with your comprehension of cooking involved...

It is good but it is difficult to identify if you don't have experience..

Outstanding photography @donkeypong. I like this post

Miners lettuce is perfect for a petite salad or as an accoutrement to appetizer plates and first courses. As Miners lettuce appears in spring, best companion ingredients include those that are ready for harvest in spring, including chantarelle and morel mushrooms, wild ramps, grapefruit, blood oranges, kumquats, new potatoes, green garlic, scapes, spring herbs such as parsely, mint and arugula, fresh hen and duck eggs and spring cow's cheeses. Miners lettuce is delicate, thus it should not be cooked nor paired with ingredients too heavy. Miners lettuce ahs a brief shelf-life and must be used within a few days of harvest.

@donketpong I like the way you introduced each and everything I really loved your photography but the feel was your words made complete justification to photos


The historic tree, known as the 'Tunnel Tree' in the state of California, USA, which has a giant leeway for a car to pass through,

Some natural scenes are truly fascinating
Very beautiful flowers
And awesome your writing @donkeypong image

Thanks for yur good posts!

My friend, let me tell you that you have a peculiar ability to express yourself. and to the seemingly wide knowledge about things that can be said to be of a hidden nature. I found this beautiful writing very interesting, I already love to read, I already love nature, I just liked it a lot. Your ability to enter into a, let's say, history so complex and difficult as to make you participate ... simply unique

first picture is bery danger......i like yoir every picture............your photography is so beautifu.............carry on...........

great information share keep safe the nest and plants to grow.they are also our family.

posting a very-very nice friends, hope you are successful and healthy always.

Indeed, it's true that nature is great, it is life.These varieties of plants are scarce here tho.
@donkeypong, you should get a license in photography. Or perhaps you have one already. These are cool shots.


I am interested in this kind of amazing landscape,

I love nature thanks for sharing natural environment photography you have a great skills of photography thanks for sharing it

What an outstanding photos sir.. "mother's beauty"
This is wonderful keep it up sir

wow ...nice post and good write-ups. How I wish I had a good VP I would have giving you my100% on this your nice post... Once again nice post

Excellent photography and the fascinating story of some of the plants you photograph, it's a wonderful thing and a lot of benefits
Good luck @donkeypong😊

Nature is at it's best when experienced through trekking. I am glad that people care for nature nowadays. This is a nice share. Keep on posting.

It's that time of year when you can see for miles along the Sonoma County coast. But if you take a moment to look just off the beaten path, into the surrounding plants and trees, there's a cornucopia of food to harvest along the way.

Great photos, beautiful flowers man. Resteem

Seems everything in full bloom, I will not wonder if there are a lot of interesting finds behind those lush greens

hei @donkeypong, in Aceh also has the leaves that are very useful for cooking spices and medicines

wow! this is soo amazing creature Miner’s Lettuce, I have seen fist time in your post thankyOu for explanatiOn ^^ @donkeypong
Peach Tree is lOoking wonderful loved to see..
I followed u, lOoking forward to your next amazing nature !!

Why are those berries 'only' for the birds? Are they like a special specie that isn't good for humans or it's just reserved for the birds.
P.S I somehow feel bad for the Gophers 😔

the 2nd and 3rd photograph are so pro. can tell by the photographs that spring is coming down the lane..this is your first post that i read and i followed.


I love the images in your post @donkeypong

Exploring nature in spring is the perfect time.the budding and the new leafes add beauty to our surrounding..make us feel refreshed and a new zeal of life run through within

This a great place to stay because of the beautiful flowers ,and it is very fresh . i love flowers and also the nature .thanks for sharing this kind of platform .you are a great mentor sir.@donkeypong.

On a hike, the days pass with the wind, the sun, the stars; movement is powered by a belly full of food and water, not a noxious tankful of fossil fuels. On a hike, you're less a job title and more a human being. A periodic hike not only stretches the limbs but also reminds us: Wow, there's a big old world out there. I guess your hike was fun and full of adventure. And you captured some of the amazing pictures too but these make more value when you are present there and to us these are just good pictures of beautiful flowers and trees but to you these mean so much more. Travel is life I wish I could do some. Happy travel and Happy hiking.

wow heading is a good friend, I like that, my place of that plant (his name is leaf pegaga) is also in eating for traditional medicine as a medicine for megurangin wind in the body (pegal linu

Photography of gopher is exclusive, you can share this video if you shoot.

It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.

Wow awesome the part you said something like people prefer to pay a couple of dollars to get salads at the groceries

It was an interesting article. I liked the heart shaped lettuce part. Good job.

Wow so amazing nature .
I appreciate your photography .
Best of luck .

That tree looks like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things!

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Very beautiful my friend. You got to love those gophers! LOL Thanks @donkeypong

This is a wonderful walk in the forest, it is so detailed, the baboo scar tree, do much salad from the edibles in the forest, am really grateful for these sights. Thanks for the detailed explanation and beautiful pictures.

I haven’t seen this kind of plant and I also don’t know about by leaf that it is very useful in making our food tastier. Thank you so much for feeding us a lot of information @donkeypong

The peach tree is really beautiful but it would have looked even better if it was well polinated. Peach trees look extraordinarily beautiful when there is an abundance of fertile insects to complete it's process of reproduction.

Beautiful photos you've got here @donkeypong, you seem to be very good with the camera. Also, you forgot to tell us the camera specs, please do, I would love to know.
You've made my day already. Blessings will be your middle name.

can see that you really enjoyed your hike.

@donkeypong.. u must know it :p .... A salad is a bunch of things bribing you to eat

amazing photography

that was a really interesting read. im currently stuck inside because of snow so i felt like i ventured out by way of reading your post 🤣 finding free edibles is the best, seeing where it grows and knowing you are eating it so fresh...sigh. i'd like to do more of this! the gopher was pretty cute too!

Just living is not enough…
One must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower.
Keep your love of nature,
for that is the true way to understand art more and more.

This Nature is amazing ..You can't find better Solace anywhere than to indulge your Soul into the arms of Nature..The touch with nature is the best thing anyone can have..It's immense and soulful..Though love the way u have captured different aspects of nature be it the trees, animals and the rawness of nature..It's serene

We dont have miner's lettuce in this part of the world, Nigeria. May be i have not seen. I have not seen oak tree too. What a wonderful life in the wild the Gopher enjoys. I love the sight of wild atmosphere

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