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Talisman for protection 😂 I love this.

St. Bread, patron saint of weather events.

Growing up in the mid-Atlantic I saw this same mad rush play out every time more than an inch of snow was in the forecast. My buddy calls the people who pack the stores “snow crazies” and I like the term so I stole it.

What’s truly remarkable is that if there were a disaster with less warning, these same people would be... where? Starving? I’m sure you went to buy bread because you prefer eating sandwiches to rice and beans the other items you have socked away. What are these other people going to eat who have nothing else?


The South is saturated with Snow Crazies! The mere mention of a possibility of snow in seven days causes drivers to immediately become erratic and overly cautious, wrecks increase, and traffic laws become only hints instead of laws. Wife person once worked with an older woman who heard a forecast for snow possibility the following afternoon and she immediately called a garage to come install chains on her wheels that day. Just in case, you understand.

I do wonder how people can totally ignore having any food on hand when they have a week's notice that it will be needed. Again, wife person talked to our new neighbors three days ago about topping off preps and reminded them about having water to flush toilets (which they have not thought of). She asked about food and his reply was, "If we need anything, I'm sure someone will bring it to us.) Ummm... no.

We keep our preps up for worst case and keep adding. If bread were a "keepable" I'd have a garage filled with it. I actually get along well with wheat crackers and peanut butter. To me, those are real treats, even in good times. Both keep well. Add a can of soup, camping stove (a rocket stove for a longer haul), and we're fine. Preps are second nature for some and non-existent for others.

Oh man, I can tell with the highest degree of certainty that when it comes to not having a clue on driving in snow and ice we here in Texas are head and shoulders above the rest of the world in being major screw ups.
We have trouble just on wet roads let alone throwing in temperatures below freezing. Long periods when we have no rain allows oil buildup on the roads and when the rain hits and floats the oil up to the surface, look out.

I was talking to a friend a few years ago about the way we Southerners react to snow warnings. He's a real comic and a lover of Southern lore and he swears that he saw an older car with a lot of miles on it and parked in a parking lot spontaneously flip over on its back the moment the snow warning came over the radio!

Somehow, the story just seems right.

I hate that feeling when the wheels lose touch with the pavement and you start hydroplaning . Yep, oil will do it!

If we go a week or ten days without rain, the next time it does rain is like a major payday for wrecker drivers and body shops.

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