Christmas flower / Poinsettia

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Hello dear colleagues of this wonderful platform. As you already know, I love nature this time I bring you a post about the Christmas flower as we know it in my house and throughout Venezuela. What I will present below are photos taken from the garden of my parents' house - Bocono - Trujillo.

The Christmas Flower, Also known as Christmas Eve and Poinsettia, is a plant of the Euphorbiaceae family, originally from Mesoamerica. It is a shrub or small tree whose height can vary between 0.6 and 3 meters. What we commonly know as a flower, but in reality is a set of modified leaves (bracts) in whose center appears the true flower of the plant, yellow and reddish. It also has toothed leaves of dark green color, which will turn reddish during its flowering in December (winters in other countries).

The Christmas Flower, I stop being an exotic plant to become a symbol of Christmas. It flowers between November and February. Their colors are the reflection of the authentic meaning of Christmas, red for love; and green for hope

In the house we can also have this plant in a matero. For that we must have the following cares.


  • It is important to be in a place in the house with clarity, but never with direct exposure to the sun's rays. Near the window is a good place, but you have to be careful with the cold at night.

  • It should be kept at a cool and pleasant temperature, avoiding air currents, both cold and hot. ideal being a temperature between 16 and 21 degrees.

  • Regarding irrigation, it is recommended once or twice a week. The soil must be moist but not waterlogged. If the soil is very wet or otherwise too dry, the leaves will fall.

  • As for the fertilizer, it is sufficient to use liquid fertilizer every 10 to 15 days.

Photography on phone huawei j5 by my person @dianagomez

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