Man fish tooth in the jaw

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An unfamiliar fish caught in Chesterton Harb in South Carolina, USA Here is the specialty of the pearly whites, like a man like a jaw! Their tooth are not merely like humans, it is quite hard. With this tooth, the siphide snails, mussels, and many others., eaten tightly.

According to the international media 'Mirror', this fish has captured Pamela Holbrooke and her husband, Chad Holbrook.

Pamela said this is a rare species of seafood. Thier name is Shiphead Fish. They are incredibly difficult to catch.

The eye of this fish with the sheep is quite visible. That's why his name Their teeth are not merely like humans, it is rather hard. With this tooth, the siphhed snails, mussels, and many others., eat stiff open cheddar. The toes on the leading of them are relatively thin like the individual, backwards tooth thick and heavy. At Cibon, they behave like humans.

Sea biologist in Pamela career. He said that peoples' teeth are in a single row. Nevertheless the shafted fish teeth are organized in several rows. Just like the people, they also have 'milk' teeth in their childhood, then they fall and the harmful teeth grow.

According to Pamela, Shiphed is a very delightful fish. Nevertheless they are tough to catch. Be cautious while getting. Because when you get the chance, the sipahate bites people's fingers.

What is the taste of this fish? To answer the question, Pamela said, "It's not like eating fish. " More commonalities with chicken meat.