Haor colorful villages

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Bhairav left the restaurant again and ran again. Once i came to Sylhet town to meet with the other woman sitting alongside me, I could not understand. I swore away. So, while i came to Sylhet, Sunamganj is not late. After raising a car on the aspect of the road and asking about the street on Sunamganj road, after learning about what this individual said in Sylhet, this individual became a fool. All of us left the road to Sunamganj 10 kilometers forward. Alas! Turning to the car, I using towards Sunamganj.

When I come to Sunamganj city, it was late afternoon. Niribili town I want to first appear. A cup of tea in the hotel verandah removes fatigue throughout the day. Plants beside the hotel are standing on the banks of the pond and watering some ducks. Now they have to turn back home.
At night, I went to the memory of the poet Hassan Raza's memorial service museum. The house is spreading in every single corner of his picture and used accessories. In the glass of drinking water to the horse's hinge, everything is there. His grandson Samayan diwan was very enthusiastic about introducing us to everything. I understand that the people of the timber, art and literature are less. Still, my eye were stuck in two lines written by the poet Hassan Raza's huge picture, 'I have seen the form of Beam in the form of Ray, I have come up from my way. '
The wife came next and asked, 'Is there any understanding? ' My spouse and i heave a sigh
The rest of the time spent hearing Hassan Raja's song. It's time to return to the hotel. One went to the old house behind the old house. Hassan Raja's house Where he resided. Standing in the cracked pond in front of the house, where the wind came from the wind and disappeared in full swing. This is the old house, with its broken pond, and the dark darkness along with it. What is more difficult than the thickness of the dental drapes?
Another morning My spouse and i got stuck out of your city. The car can not be delivered to the roads of Tahirpur. We acquired our car in special consideration as a result of request. A local person played an important role in this regard. He requested that he let him down in his house by mid-way. I agreed.
The surroundings are packed with abundant green paddy. Haor region, so this is the last crop prior to monsoon. Then everything will go swimming in the water. There exists nowhere anywhere in the swamps. Lower the car's glass and breathe in it. Ah! What a beautiful country

In Walk this Sunaganja trip to this place. The haor was not full then. But at that time a beautiful nature For the two side of the road there is a little market by shops. We all had to wait a major tawa on the surface stove before the hotel. My oh my! Poor, without oil, how the sun dry out. The cook was busy in order to order breakfast time. The oil sprayed and gave up to four or five wings. After that, on the other area, the pressure on the pressure and the pressure on the oil dissolved patchy. Then, when the onion-raw chilli mixed with tawa left the aroma, its scent spread so that the market propagate throughout. Sitting on the bench, eating the nashata threw in the bath towel the breeze. Hawaar is rising. The shops in the storm jumped swiftly. We also took protection in the car.
Little by little the wind blows ceased. How about an odd silence.
I was mixed up. Go to the front side or return to Sunamganj city. A bicyclist emerged and told that many bamboos stopped working in front of the road. I thought, this way we can not be returned. On the rear road, surely the forest have been lying on the forehead, I made a decision to move forward. Takharpur reached the bus to keep. Destination Tangail Haor However the car will not be there from this level. You have to go to the motorcycle riding a bike. So register


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