Ski-Touring. Rila Mountain. Bulgaria

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Hello, dear steemians.
Do you know that you can become addict to high altitude?

File 19.01.18, 20 29 50.jpeg

That's because high in the mountain there is less oxygen,
and lack of oxygen can increase levels of dopamine in the brain. And dopamine makes us feel positive, energetic, satisfied and happy. That's why people tend to feel better in the mountains, and they continue to go back and after a period of time it becomes an addiction. I have a 69 years old friend who tend to go every single day in the mountains if the weather is ok. EVERY SINGLE F--KING DAY. Isn't that crazy? Nope.. Just an addiction.
He is amazing athlete for his age and totally addicted, he has more than 50 years background.
And I am addicted too, right now I can even feel the pain from mountain abstinence. That's why I will share with you a photo story about chasing the sunrise in Rila Mountain by ski touring :) Ski touring is really cool activity. Depending on the tour, it can be really hard, but it totally pays off with amazing views and cool long descendings. The price - for example 3 hours hard climbing upwards for about 15 minutes descent. Totally worth it.
Start - around 5:00 //1600m
It is absolutely dark outside.

File 19.01.18, 20 21 42.jpeg

Around 6:30 and 500m higher -
File 19.01.18, 20 22 18.jpeg
After 7:00 it is already bright outside and more and more beautiful
File 19.01.18, 20 23 05.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 23 34.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 24 26.jpeg

Sun is rising and we couldn't make it to the top, so we skipped the sunrise, but still it is so amazing :)

File 19.01.18, 20 24 50.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 25 12.jpeg

8:00h 2550m above sea level :) Me - posing

File 19.01.18, 20 26 25.jpeg

And me, chilling ;)
File 19.01.18, 20 27 22.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 28 54.jpeg

It is soooo beautiful :) Love my high-altitude-addiction that makes me get up before 4:00 and climb 1000 meter to see this :)
File 19.01.18, 20 29 31.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 29 50.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 30 16.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 32 29.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 34 00.jpeg

We are heroes!!

File 19.01.18, 20 34 47.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 20 34 59.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 21 46 51.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 21 44 54.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 21 46 06.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 21 46 36.jpeg

File 19.01.18, 21 47 23.jpeg

It was a really cool day! If you live close to mountains and you haven't tried ski-touring, consider it! It is a great way to explore nature and to be active :)
Thank you for reading!


There is nothing beautiful than nature

woow This is the real nature, so beautiful. <3

Nice shoot
what smartphone are you using?
looks very nice picture..

You are very talented with the camera and high altitudes 🙂
Keep capturing precious "You and Earth" Moments 🙂

Thank you, @melip ! It is so easy to make beautiful photos when you are in a magical place. Nature is such a great poser :)

will you guys be kind enough to visit my profile as i just started and want a bit of feedback of my posts. thank you


Lovely views! Обичам България!

И аз също :) Thank you for this comment!

wow... thank u for sharing!!!Incredible pictures

wow , I love the first photo.

wow..beautiful places and photography..@danielapetk enjoy your tour.

really wonderful shots hope you enjoy it

Cool photos !

Thank you :))

Really nice images. And thanks for sharing you thoughts. Ciuple of question hrre.

How much does it cost to buy a skiing set in your country?
I havnt tried snow boarding. How different is it to shift from skiing to snow boarding?

Looks absolutely magical!! thanks for the info will definitely have to add it to my bucket list! definitely worth an up vote and a follow!!

Thank you very much 🙏 :)

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Seems like a fun hike @danielapetk 👌

Beautiful. Pristine. I love it.

And I envy you. Still, it is out of my comfort zone to wake up at 4 and climb up in freezing cold.

Respect :)

beautiful pictures. Upvoted. please check out my post

Wow this looks really fantastic! I've never heard about Rila mountain but when i googled it, it looked super beautiful! Do you know how this area is for hiking in summer?

It is amazing for hiking in summer! I’ll write a lot more about Rila, I’ve spent plenty of time there, so it is just the beginning. I have amazing summer photos and I plan to describe some routes. So follow me, I ´m sure you will like it a lot :)

Thanks Daniela! Already following you! I love to get inspiration for coming hiking possibilities and I've never been in Bulgaria but always wanted to go! Looking forward for your next posts!:-)

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