Toadstool 🍄 Mushroom

in nature •  3 months ago

Today when I was hiking in the forest I found some of these mushrooms.


They are known to be extremely poisonous, and you learn at an early age to not get close to them here in Sweden. Still, I must say, they do have something beautiful about them.

Photo taken with iPhone X.

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That's actually a very good picture. Yes, they are beautiful. It's the striking colours. The patterns look pretty good, too.

What a cxool find and great shot, I hoped to get out for a walk but its grey and damp so doesnt look like I will be able to


It’s been a beautiful fall so far with higher average temperatures, so it’s really enjoyable. Hope the weather gets better over there !


Well at least here it has cooled down a little it was a heatwave for the last couple of weeks

Superb and wonderful sharing..nature's brilliant glories enchant people and reawaken a special feelings and calm. Nature is always there to enjoy.

Image ia nature. Good.

Wonderful photography my friend. Very beautiful creation..

Actually it's a myth that they are poisonous. Look up Amanita Muscaria (flugsvamp) and you will see that it’s a magic mushroom :)


I didn’t know that ! Still I think I’m probably not gonna eat it hehe


Haha yes, it's wise to be cautious about it. It's powerful stuff! 🍄🙃

Lovely macro shot buddy :)
It really looks amazing :)