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Every Day, We Are Watering Seeds Inside


Every day, we have a choice:

What seeds do I want to water within myself?

The Seeds of joy? The Seeds of sorrow?
The Seeds of bliss? The Seeds of rage?
Seeds of optimism? Seeds of cynicism?
Seeds of anger? Seeds of forgiveness?
Seeds of creativity? Seeds of self-doubt?
Seeds of wisdom? Seeds of folly?
The Seeds of knowledge?
The Seeds of ignorance?
The Seeds of hatred?
The Seeds of love?

We are growing like plants on this Earth;
We contain trillions of different seeds.
We are a miniature infinity,
A microcosm of the universe.

What seeds do we want to water within ourselves?


Depending on what choices we make,
We change the fate of humanity.

What seeds do we want to water within humanity?

Is it the Seeds of beauty, Seeds of strife?
The Seeds of war or Seeds of peace?
Is it the Seeds of friendship, Seeds of light?
The Seeds of terror, Seeds of sadness?
Seeds of torment, Seeds of serenity,
Seeds of enlightenment, Seeds of indulgence
Seeds of concord, Seeds of justice,
Seeds of separation, Seeds of fear?

Whatever we choose to water will grow,
Because our hearts are fertile soil indeed.

What seeds do we want to water within ourselves?

Radicula-seedlings-sprouting-freedomain (1).jpg

It is up to each one of us.
We are cosmically empowered
To co-create our collective destiny.

Every day, we are watering seeds inside.

What seeds will we choose to water today?


What seeds will YOU
choose to water today?
I will upvote every comment
that answers this question.

seedlings-germinating-brown-and-green (3).jpg


seedlings-germinating-brown-and-green (2).jpg


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Thank you so much my brother, really appreciate that positive energy.

Keep doing great things and you earned it that is for sure :)


Beautiful poem with a great concept. Seeds vary and what they produce only time tells. Water is food for the seed like inspiration and life experiences are food for our being and heart. Wouldn't it be nice if mankind could grow in harmony and love?

I choose seeds of love, knowledge, wisdom and joy today!

Great choices :)

Good reminder that as I sow, I'll reap...

Another fellow compared the struggle within in this manner... there were two wolves in his heart, one dark and one light...

"Which one wins?", he was asked.

"Whichever one I feed.", he replied.

Indeed! I love that parable / teaching.

This day, seeds of mystery get my water!

So it shall be!

Seeds of change

A plant rich in benefits. Good post

Yes, that we are!

What else fruit plants can be processed into good food.

@amuchtar It's been said that weeds are simply plants we haven't identified uses for. So everything has a purpose and potential application. Many "weeds" and wild plants are also edible and highly nutritious. Ask an elder near you that's close to nature!

Uh, good advice, maybe I'll try it for it. Has been share @d-pend

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