Siberian sturgeon

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He lives in rivers flowing into the Arctic Ocean, especially in Obu, Jenisei, Lena and others. Occasionally, it also occurs in Brackish waters.

The body is robust, cylindrical and elongated. It narrows considerably in the tail. The dorsal labels are relatively large, slightly pointed, the side labels are smaller. The head is short and sturdy, the spear is not too long, but it is wide and rounded in front. The mouths are large, transverse. The beads are long, reaching to the mouth (sometimes slightly overlapping). The lower lip is massive. The eye is large, distinctive. The dorsal fin is short, the breast fin is significantly developed and powerful. The tail fin is rather protruding. The color is not very pronounced. The back is dark with a slight bluish, sometimes greenish tinge. The sides are brighter. The abdomen has a white, sometimes yellowish color. a maximum length of 200 to 250 cm and a weight of 100 to 200 kg. Typically, individuals weighing 20 to 60 kg are hunted.


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