The Worlds Ends... Lofoten Norway!!

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We cherish travel stories. So when we saw our Swedish companion, Mika, as of late gathered his sacks and set out toward Norway, we must be separated of it. Mika Aberra has devoted his 23 years to making stories through photography and travel. Perpetually exploring the globe hoping to make more, he means to motivate others to do likewise.

So let Mika take you on an adventure through the untouched grounds and raised pinnacles of Lofoten, Norway. Appreciate.

Lofoten is an archipelago (Chain of little islands) situated in Northern Europe, all the more particularly, simply off the shore of Norway. It's sensational scenes gaze out to the shear nothingness that is the Norwegian Sea, thus receiving the name "The World's End". The islands openness is constrained to driving, which I discovered the most difficult way possible, however don't give it a chance to stop you. Lofoten is practically incredible, and on the off chance that you are ever sufficiently fortunate to find the opportunity, go here, you will love it.

"Investigate the world. Test yourself."

Being so presented to the sea has formed the scene, making probably the most sensational yet stunning perspectives I've ever seen. It's practically similar to Lofoten ignores the seasons with its remarkable climate. One moment clear skies, the following snowing. A picture takers dream, a local people bad dream. With the components continually changing implied I could drive down a similar street five times and get five entirely unexpected shots. To such an extent I practically got lost a couple of times. Amazing.

With awesome height comes extraordinary photography. So I took to the mountains, climbing up tops that were apparently untouched by any one else. The air got cooler and the winds turned out to be more unmistakable the higher I climbed. There was even a phase where I felt the breeze endeavoring to pull my body from the beginning. I have a profound regard for nature, the shear compel it has is unimaginable and after investigating Lofoten, I think my regard has become much more.

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Nice post



Thats the spirit of the Lofoten I also felt. Just driving 10 miles and step out of the car 20 times just for taking pictures or enjoying the silence of nature.