Lovely Lady Bird!

in #nature3 years ago

Hey everyone, one of my favourite insects certainly is a gorgeous lady beetle or as we call them in South Africa a lady bug or lady bird!

These mielies (corn) are reaching seasons end, I planted these at the end of January on top of the compost heap, however have not done as well as the summer crop!


I was busy watering my mielies today and was really happy to find and picture this gorgeous bright and beautiful lady bug nestled in-between the corn flower!


I always love to see these on my vegetables, they are the killer of aphids and as most gardeners are well aware aphids truly are an unwelcome pest!



Blended in very nicely with the orange-red of the corn flower matching colours and well camouflaged!



Nature the incredible. I trust you have an amazing week. Any XRP Hodlers out there btw?

Love and light, be blessed!

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