Killer Tomatoes?

in #nature3 years ago

Hey everyone well what do we have here? As the title says could these actually be the world famous killer tomatoes? Well not sure, LOL do those even exist, if so surely these would be them?


I took a ride to go and fetch some chickens for a customer of mine and needed to use the 'facilities' Africa Style, so stopped next to the side of a random desolate dust road and did my business next to a tree only to be rather amazed as this treacherous looking wild tomatoes!



These really are the most glorious bright red cherry looking tomatoes but I assume they are neither.. both spiny and gnarly looking, this plant just 'growls' don't go near me.



I took a few more pics and off I went to my customer in the Free-State!



Nature the incredible. I trust you have an amazing Thursday and with crypto doing what it is.. Why not? XRP moon when??

Love and light, be blessed!

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