Odd Little Caterpillars

in #nature2 years ago

I found this little character carrying its cocoon across the siding on our garage.

My oldest son and I observed it for a short time, then left it alone.

The next week, I discovered the cocoon on the garage again, only this time it was anchored in place by a sticky, silky substance, and the caterpillar was hidden inside. I soon discovered dozens more cocoons on the branches of our Colorado Blue Spruce tree, which is right next to the garage.




Time will reveal what type of moth will emerge from the cocoons. I hope to document them as they enter the world.

ID Photo (1).JPG


Wild looking, like a grass skirt.

good post boos nice

Those look like Bagworms. There are different kinds, but they are all moths. Most are pests of evergreens. They used to be a major pest in the Midwest. My parents used to pay us kids to pick them off the evergreen shrubs in our yard. We didn't get paid much, lol, but it was a good way for them to get the bagworms off!

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