Morel Season in Iowa

in #nature2 years ago


Morels are coming up here in Iowa, but this year hasn't been as good as previous ones.

Still, my son and I found this little bunch around our campsite, which made for a good fry-up along with some burgers on the grill.

ID Photo (1).JPG


It's good to see you back here, @countryinspired! I'm glad your first post back is with some wild mushrooms -- so appropriate! You are like the morels, popping back up in the springtime, lol. It's nice when morels come up right where you are hanging out anyway. My dad, in his 80s, has foraged for morels a lot over the years, out in the woods. This year, dozens came up all across his front yard in Arkansas. Day after day. In the photos my mom posted on Facebook, I don't think I've seen my dad smile like that for years, lol. Every photo -- it's like he's 12 years old and the world is perfect. That's the power of morels. I'm glad you got to enjoy yours with your son!

Yes, morels have a way of making us smile!

Well it is better than nothing ;)

Nothing like fresh food. How's things @countryinspired? Have you started building your house on the hill?


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